Reviewing proceure

1. The procedure for reviewing articles in the FINANSE journal of the Finance Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences is based on Good Practices in Reviewing Procedures in Science published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2011.
2. Articles are subject to double review, ie they are directed to two independent reviewers.
3. Reviews are “double-blind”, i.e. the reviewer does not know the author and author does not know the reviewer.
4. The editors ensure that there is no conflict of interest between the author and reviewers in the reviewing procedure.
5. When choosing reviewers, the Editorial Board is guided by tailoring the specialization of reviewers to the substantive content of the article.
6. Reviewers may reject the article, send the article for improvement, or accept it.
7. Articles are accepted for printing if they receive two positive reviews.
8. The editors and reviewers pay attention to tracking and in case of occurrence, unmasking the phenomenon of “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship”.
9. In the case of co-authorship, it is necessary for all authors to complete and sign a co-authorship statement to minimize ghostwriting and guest authorship.

Reviewer FORM for articles submitted to the FINANSE journal.