Tips for authors

The editors accept for publication and evaluation only previously unpublished texts devoted to economic issues, with particular emphasis on the field of finance.
The Editorial Board asks for submitting texts in electronic form (e-mail to the address and 2 copies of the computer printout together with the documents: the Author’s statement and (in the case of collective work) a statement of co-authorship to the following address:
Department of Banking
Wrocław University of Economics
ul. Komandorska 118/120
53-345 WROCŁAW
The printout should be made on A4 document (with the line spacing of 1.5) up to 25 pages of typescript. Studies divided into parts should contain subheadings.
The text at the end should be accompanied by a summary in English together with the title of the article in English and the author’s data. Summaries should contain keywords.
Symbols, special characters etc. should be explained in the margins in a very legible way, indicating which letter markings are to be made in simple script and which in italics. Algebraic symbols of matrices and vectors should be emphasized by a thick line. It is also necessary to distinguish the letter “l” from 1 and the letter “O” from 0.
Footnotes explaining the text should be placed at the bottom of the page, and bibliographic data in the text – by giving the names of the authors and the year of publication of the work, at the end of the sentence in brackets. The bibliography at the end of the text (in alphabetical order) should include:
• in relation to books, the author’s surname, first name (or initials), title of work, publisher, place and year of publication;
• in the case of collective works, the name of the scientific editor is given after the title of the work;
• in relation to magazine articles – the author’s surname, first name (or initials), title of the article, the name of the journal enclosed in quotation marks, year of publication and serial number of the journal;
• if using the internet, enter the address and date of access.
When citing figures, the source of their origin should be provided (including the page number).
If the article is based on the results of funded research carried out as part of research programs, the authors are asked to indicate the source of funding.
The condition for accepting the text for evaluation and further development is that the author provides full address details along with the telephone number and e-mail address (on a separate sheet when submitting printed versions and in the e-mail when sending the article in an electronic version), as well as an affiliate note containing the academic title and the name of the university or other unit (only one unit). Affiliate data can be included in published texts.
The study, qualified by the Editorial Committee for publication in the journal FINANSE, but prepared by the author in a manner inconsistent with the above guidelines, will be sent with a request to adapt its form to the Editorial Board’s requirements.
The materials published in “FINANCE” are protected by copyright. The text may be reprinted only with the consent of the Editorial Board.
The editors do not return texts and do not pay royalties.
The editors emphasize that “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship” are a manifestation of scientific misconduct, and all detected cases will be unmasked, including notification of relevant entities (institutions employing authors, scientific societies, associations of scientific editors, etc.). In the case of co-authorship, it is necessary to submit a co-authorship statement, which is available on the Committee’s website.

Reviewer FORM for articles submitted to the FINANSE journal.